Alex is a content creator from Toronto, Canada who loves creating with a naturalistic & cinematic feel for both his photo & video content.

Owner of AP x 90 Media, a division of Crown Labs Ltd., Alex Perri has worked with clients such as Re/Max, Barca Academy, and Ever After Festival, and has experience working with big corporations like McDonald's Canada.

After doing freelance photography since he was a teenager, to starting his own tech startup where he handled all aspects of branding, content creation, marketing and client outreach, Alex has gained a huge wealth of knowledge in how to market anything from products, to ideas, to businesses. Having aligned himself with countless mentors from various industries, Alex was able to dig deep to truly understand what makes a business tick.

Alex truly believe that video is THE most powerful and important business tool in the world, and he wants to help come up with solutions for your every business need that can be solved through video.


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